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[1] Behaviour of Concrete and Masonry Structures
[2] Structural Strengthening and FRP-based repair of Concrete Structures
[3] Concrete Durability
[4] High Performance Concrete
[5] Post-tensioned Concrete
[6] Blast Analysis and Mitigation 
[7] Sensor Development for infrastructure Monitoring 
[8] Non- destructive Evaluation
[9] Geopolymers
[10] Behavior of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Memebrs
[11] Seismic Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Concrete and Masonry Structures using FRP Composites
[12] Earthquake Engineering
[13] Computational Mechanics with focus on Computational Inelasticity, Finite element and Mesh free Methods, Multiscale modeling
[14] Computational material science 
[15] Mechanics of Composites
[16] Biomechanics
[17] Stability of horizontally curved steel bridges
[18] Elastic and inelastic stability of structures
[19] Use of polymers and composites in structures
[20] Bridge Engineering
[1] Reinforced Soil
[2] Soil-Structure Interaction
[3] Foundation Engineering
[4] Experimental Soil Mechanics
[5] Recyclable Materials in Geotechnics
[6] Pavement Geotechnics
[7] Foundation Engineering
[8] Ground Improvement
[9] Soil and Rock Instrumentation
[10] Sub Surface Exploration and Soil Testing
[11] Sustainable Design of Soil Structures
[12] Infrastructure Asset Management
[1] Groundwater flow and transport modeling
[2] Hydrogeology
[3] Surface water-groundwater interactions
[4] Bioremediation
[5] Contaminant Hydrology
[6] Solid waste Management
[7] Wastewater Treatment
[8] Climate change and its impact on hydrology
[9] Remote sensing and GIS applications to Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
[10] Emerging Contaminants
[11] Environmental Health
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