Hydro meteorology lab

Equipment Title



Automatic Weather Station


  • Automatic Weather Station – 2 Nos [Spectrum Technologies Inc., USA]


  • Estimates Evapotranspiration (ETo)
  • Wind Speed and Direction; Rainfall
  • Dew Point
  • Solar Radiation
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity on user defined time scale(with Data logger)


Double Ring Infiltro-meter




  • Double Ring Infiltro-meter [Kaizen Imperial, Delhi]



  • To determine the infiltration rate of water into the soil and generate infiltration rate curves





  • Permea-meter [Aimil Ltd., Delhi]



  • To measure coefficient of permeability of saturated soils under constant and variable head conditions

Soil Tensio-meter




  • Soil Tensio-meter � 2 Nos [Kaizen Imperial, Delhi]



  • To measure suction (negative pressure) of soil in the un-saturated zone

Open Pan Evapori-meter




  • Open Pan Evapori-meter [Kaizen Imperial, Delhi]



  • To measure the rate of evaporation of water into the atmosphere (as per IS:5973 :1970)

Cup type Current-meter




  • Cup type Current-meter [Kaizen Imperial, Delhi]



  • To accurately measure stream flow velocities from 0.3 to 3.5 meters per second with cups (as per IS 3910 � 1966)

Rain gauge




  • Rain gauge (Non-Automatic and Automatic) [Kaizen Imperial, Delhi]



  • To measure rainfall depth / intensity (as per IS:5225/1535 :1969)

Handheld GPS 




  • Handheld GPS [Garmin GPS India]



  • To get the geo-graphic co-ordinates of point / line / polygon features

Handheld GPS � Data Controller




  • Handheld GPS � Data Controller [XF-2, Hemisphere GPS Inc., Canada]




  • To get the geo-graphic co-ordinates of point / line / polygon features

Rainfall Simulator and Irrigation System 




  • Rainfall Simulator and Irrigation System [Edibon International, Spain]



  • Generate/demonstrate rainfall hydrographs; formation of river features
  • Effects of sediment transport
  • Abstraction of ground water by wells
  • Hydrological principles of ground water flow


Soil Moisture Suction Unit




  • Soil Moisture Suction Unit [Edutech India Pvt. Ltd]



  • Understand the principles of water retentivity in terms of soil suction
  • Relationship between water retentivity and soil
  • Derive soil moisture variety of soils


Sediment Core Sampler




  • Sediment Core Sampler



  • Take and analyze sediments at the bottom of canals, lakes, rivers, (bed and suspended)

Glass Sided Hydraulic Tilting Flume 




  • Glass Sided Hydraulic Tilting Flume (10 m x 1 m x 1 m) [KSS Industries, Coimbatore]



  • Study of Open Channel flows with variation in bed slope, specific energy, hydraulic jump; Analysis of profiles over weirs, spillways, notches, flumes