Water and Waste Water Engineering Lab

Equipment Title



UV-VIS Spectrophotometer 


  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer[Lab India, Hyderabad]

  • Uses light in the visible and adjacent regions of EM spectrum
  • The absorption or reflectance is relates to colour/ concentration of various chemicals

Earth Resistivity Meter 

  • Earth Resistivity Meter � SSRMP 1
  • Ground water exploration
  • Sand and gravel deposit identification
  • Bed rock investigations
  • Delineation of geological structures
  • Resistivity sounding/profiling/imaging

Groundwater Level indicator 

  • Permea-meter [Aimil Ltd., Delhi]
  • To check the level of water in open wells and in bore wells

Multi-Channel Ground Imaging Resistivity System 

  • Multi-Channel Ground Imaging Resistivity System
  • Groundwater resource management and vulnerability assessment;
  • Geotechnical pre-investigation; Hydro-Geological mapping