Seminar Series

26th December 2013
Room No.133 11:30 am
Dr. Bellie Sivakumar Water Resources Planning and Management in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities
 23  24th December 2013

Room No.133 2:30 pm
 Prof. Raghavan Srinivasan (Professor, Texas A&M University, USA)  Global SWAT Applications in Water Resource Management
 22  19thDecember 2013 Room No.133 11:30 am  Professor and Chair, University of Ottawa, Canada.  Unsaturated soil mechanics in geotechnical engineering practice
 21  12thDecember 2013  Room No.133 2:30 pm  Prof. Mrinal Sen, Director of National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI)  Crtitical aspects of seismic wave propagation simulation
20  20th November 2013  Room No.133 11:00 am   Mr. Takihasha, UoT, Japan  Research on Hyderabad water supply system
21st  August 2013
Room No.133 2:30 pm
Prof. M. Madhav  Joy of Civil Engineering
18  16th April, 2013 Room No. 133 11:30 am S.Rehana,IISc Banglore Hydrological impacts of climate change
17    10th April, 2013 Room No. 133 2:00 pm Mr.Varanasi.S.H.RamaRao L&T Ramboll Scope of civil and Structural Engineering in Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
16   13th September, 2012 Room No. 133 3:30 pm Dr.Bhaskaran Scientist ,Met Office , Chandlery enter , Exeter , United Kingdom Regional climate model applications on sub-regional scales over the Indian monsoon  region
15  7th September, 2012 Room No. 133 11:30 am Mr. Somayya, Manager for R&D,
Sales And Services
Servo controlled technology for shake tables from BISS
14   4th September, 2012 Room No. 133 10:00 am Prof. Hemanth Hazarika,
Dept. of Civil Engineering,
Kyushu University, Japan
The land of earth quake and her battle
with ground liquefaction
13  30th August, 2012 Room No. 133 3:30 pm Dr. Sriram Narasimhan
University of Waterloo
Overview of identification and control
research in structural engineering
12  27th February, 2012 Room No. 133 11:30 am Dr. S.Nagesh Lyer, Director
 Structural Engineering Research Center (SERC), Chennai
Recent advances in computational structural mechanics
11  17th February, 2012 Room No. 133 10:30 am Mr. Avinash,
Technical Officer from ANSYS CIVIL-FEm
10  16th February, 2012 Room No. 133 2:00 pm Mr. Anuj Maheshwari,
Technical Head Ultra Tech Cement
Pumping of Concrete admixtures in concrete
 self compacting concrete hot weather concreting
9  9th February, 2012  Room No. 133 3:30 pm Dr. Anil K. Kar
President, ASCE India Section
Durability of Concrete Structures through surface protection by water proofing
8 25th January, 2012 Room No. 133 3:00 pm Dr. Pradeep V Mandapaka,
Post Doctral Scientist, Metro Swiss,
Towards Scaling Based Framework for FloodForecasting Role of Rainfall Variability
7  20th January, 2012 Room No. 133 9:00 am Dr. S.Raviraj
Prof. of Civil Engineering, SJCE Mysore
Fracture Mechanics of Concrete
An Overview
6  19th January, 2012 Room No. 133 3:30 pm Dr. Kirti Srivatsava, Senior Principal Scientist,
NGRI,, Hyderabad
Tsunami Hazards along east and
west coast of India
5 19th January, 2012 Room No. 133 2:00 pm Dr. D.Srinagesh,
Chief Scientist, NGRI Hyderabad
Earth Quake Hazards
4  9th January, 2012 Room No. 133 11:30 am Prof. T Kundu
University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
Ultrasonic Waves for NDE and SHM
Experimental and Modelling
3 19th October, 2011  Room No. 133 11:30 am Dr. Rahima Shabeen,
Asst Prof., Anna University
Strength of Stiffened Composite Plates Under
Axial and Out-of-Plane Loading
2  6th October, 2011  Room No. 133 10:30 am Prof. S R Gandhi,
Head Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras
Case Studies on Geotechnical Failures
1  4th October, 2011  Room No. 133 11:30 am Dr. S.Raju, Scientist,
National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore
Smart Material and Structures
Aerospace applications