Dr. B. Umashankar

Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Email: buma[at]ce.iith.ac.in
Phone: +91 40 2301 6034

Areas of Interest:

Reinforced Earth Structures, Soil-Structure Interaction, Foundation Engineering, Ground Improvement Techniques, Recyclable Materials in Geotechnics.


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A., August 2009
M.Tech, Geotechnical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, August 2002
B.Tech., Civil Engineering, Sri Venkateswara University, India, August 2000



Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India

Assistant Professor (Nov 2009-current)

Indian Institute of Technology,Guwahati, India
Assistant Professor (Sep 2009 – Nov 2009)

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A
Graduate Research Assistant (July 2004- Aug 2009)

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A
Teaching Assistant (June 2005-May 2006, Jan 2008- Dec 2008)

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
Senior Project Associate (Aug 2002 -Dec 2002)

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
Graduate Research Associate/Research Scholar (Aug 2000 -July 2002)



Umashankar, B., and Hari Prasad, C. (2015), ‘An Apparatus for Measuring Transverse Pullout Resistance of a Reinforcing Element and Method Thereof.’ Submitted to the Indian Patent Office, Application Number 2927/CHE/2015.

Journal Publications:

15. Hari Prasad, C., and Umashankar, B. (2017). Experimental Study on Transverse Pullout Response of Smooth-Metal-Strip Reinforcements Embedded in Sand. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE (Accepted).

14. Rohith, M., Sasanka Mouli S., and Umashankar B. (2017), Interference of two closely-spaced footings on finite sand layer. Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA (accepted).

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29. Narendra Goud G., Umashankar, B., (2017), Planar Reinforcements for Flexible Pavements, International Conference on
Geotechniques for Infrastructure Projects GIP-2017. 

28. Umashankar, B., Sasanka Mouli S., Madhav M.R., (2017), Effect of Compaction Stresses on Performance of Back-to-Back Retaining Walls, 19th ICSMGE, Seoul, Korea pp.1951-1954.
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Primary Educational Interests:

Developing educational outreach programs and introducing innovative teaching approaches in instruction

Courses Taught

Graduate Courses:

Advanced Soil Mechanics

Advanced Foundation Engineering

Behavior of Natural and Engineered Soils (co-teaching)

Design of Earth Structures (co-teaching)

Design Studio (co-teaching)

Seminar Course

Undergraduate Courses:

Foundation Engineering

Engineering Mechanics (co-teaching)

Geo-technical Engineering Lab (co-teaching)

Mechanics of Solids (co-teaching)


Funded Projects:

    1. Title: Geogrid Reinforced Granular Beds in lieu of Approach Slabs for Bridge Abutments

      Funding Agency: Ministry of Shipping Road Transport & Highways

      Duration: 2 years

    2. Title: Restrained Earth Structures for Sustainable Development

      Funding Agency: Department of Science & Technology

      Duration: 2 years

    3. Title: Laboratory Study on the Stabilization of Haul Roads inside Open-Cast Mines

      Funding Agency:  Neyveli Lignite Co. Ltd.

      Duration: 1.5 years

    4. Title: Geogrid and geocell reinforced flexible pavements

      Funding Agency: National Highway Authority of India

      Duration: 3 years

Ongoing Projects:

    1. Title: “Free Swell Index Using Digital image Technique (MATLAB Code)”

Doctoral Students [On going]:

Narendra Goud G. ‘ Studies on Geogrid Reinforced Base and Subbase Pavement Layers’

Partha Sarathi Parhi

K.P Bhargav Kumar

Rojimol. J


Doctoral Students(Graduated):

Hari Prasad C. ‘Experimental Study on the Response of Reinforcement to Transverse Pull’

Sasanka Mouli S. ‘Modeling Back-to-Back Reinforced Walls’

Master’s Students(On going):

Shubham B

Paipi Purna Srivastava

Mondem Nagendra

Kondameeda Reddy Sridhar

Master’s Students (Graduated):

Jancy F. (2010-2012) ‘Behavior of granular pile and granular piled raft

Yugandhar D. (2010-2012) ‘ Settlement due to uniform circular load on finite two layered system ‘

Rajsekar H. (2011-2013) ‘Behavior of reinforced sand subjected to shear along vertical plane’

Rojimol J. (2011-2013) (jointly guided with Dr KBVN Phanindra) ‘Development of Optimal Linear Geostatistical Model for Site Characterization’

Saranya S. (2011-2013) ‘ Stress distribution on bridge abutment due to Wheel loads ‘

Akhila Palat (2012-2014) ‘Settlement Analysis of Back-to-Back Reinforced Retaining Walls’

Bhargav Kumar K.P. (2012-2014) ‘ Interface Properties of Geogrid and Fly Ash/Fly Ash-Tire Chip Mixtures ‘

Prashant Vyankatesh G. (2012-2014) ‘ Resilient Modulus and Shear Strength Properties of Fly Ash and Fly Ash-Tyre Chip Mixtures’

Durga Prasad B. (2013-2015) ‘Experimental Studies on Reinforced Beds’

Lakshmi Rishitha A. (2013-2015) ‘Load-Displacement Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles’

Thejesh Kumar G. (2013-2015) ‘Cyclic Simple Shear Testing on Sands’

Preeti Sekar (2013-2016) ‘Settlement due to Uniform Rectangular Load on Layered Soil System’

Rajashekhar M. (2013-2016) ‘Settlement analysis at the Abutments’

J. Y. V. Shiv Bhushan (2014-2016) ‘Construction and Demolition Waste Used as Backfill Material’

Rohith Macharam(2015-17)-‘Interference of two closely spaced on finite sand layer’

Tejaswi (2015-17) ‘Embankment over reinforced soft clay deposit’

Vijaya Sree (2016-18)  ‘Performance of Granular Piles arranged in Triangular Pattern’

Ankur Mittal (2016-18) ‘Staged Pullout Testing of Geosynthetic Reinforcements’

Charan(2018-19) ‘Stabilization of expansive subgrades using geogrid reinforcement- An experimental study’

Prakhar Bele (2018-19) ‘Correlation of deformation modulus from Light Weight Deflectometer with the soil properties’