Ph.D. students

Sangeetha CJ

Ph.D - CE13P1001 (2013 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Shashidhar

Thesis title : Pore Scale Evaluation and micro modelling of CR VI-bacterial interactions in Subsurface environment

CE13P1001 [at]
Katam Keerthi

Ph.D - CE13M15P100001 (2013 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Debraj Bhattacharyya

Thesis title : Developing a Cost-effective Biological Decentralized Domestic Wastewater Treatment System Using Bacteria and Microalgae for Residential Communities

Research Interest :  Biological wastewater treatment, Algal Biofuels, Decentralized wastewater treatment

CE13M15P100001 [at]
Subhavana K L

Ph.D - CE13M15P000002 (2013 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Asif Qureshi

Thesis title : Human Mercury levels in urban south India and evaluation of possible exposure pathways through stable isotope analysis

Research Interest : Health risk assessment due to heavy metals and persistant organic pollutants, Stable isotope analysis 

CE13M15P000002 [at]
Madhuri Dhamaraju

Ph.D - CE14RESCH01009 (2014 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Debraj Bhattacharyya

Thesis title : Development of an advanced Electrocoagulation system for wastewater treatment

Research Interest :  Electro-chemical treatment methods for water and wastewater treatment, Combined bio-physiochemical treatment systems for industrial wastewater treatment, Arsenic and iron removal from water

CE14RESCH01009 [ at ]
Marttin Paulraj Gundupalli

Ph.D - CE14RESCH01010 (2014 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Debraj Bhattacharyya

Thesis title : Resource recovery from Cocus nucifera (Coconut)

Research Interest :  Biofuels, Lignin Recovery, Nano Immobilization, Microalgae based Wastewater treatment systems

CE14RESCH01010 [at]
Supriti Pramanik

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11001 (2015 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Asif Qureshi

Thesis title : Towards assessment of human and ecological risks in India from mercury pollution 

Research Interest : Health risk assessment , Remote Sensing with satellite image processing, GIS application in risk assessment , heavy metals and its health effects,AERMOD , Air pollution , Environmental disaster management by using multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) Model

CE15RESCH11001 [at]
Jitesh Lalwani

Ph.D - CE15M17P100001 (2015 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Shashidhar

Thesis title : 

Research Interest :  

CE15M17P100001 [at]

Ph.D - CE15RESCH01002 (2015 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Shashidhar

Thesis title: Electro kinetic remediation of contaminated lake sediments 

CE15RESCH01002 [at]
Pritanjali Pradeep Shende

Ph.D - CE16RESCH01001 (2016 - ) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Asif Qureshi

Thesis title: 

Research Interest : Global Chemical Transport Models (GEOS-Chem), Water Quality Assessment, Remote sensing and GIS applications in Environmental assessment 

CE16RESCH01001 [at]
Mohammed Azharuddin

Ph.D - CE17RESCH11014 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : 

CE17RESCH11014 [at]
Yerramilli Sai Rama Krishna 

Ph.D - CE17RESCH11015 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : 

CE17RESCH11015 [at]
Copy of CE17RESCH11015
Ankit Deshmukh

Ph.D - CE14M16P000001 (2016 - Present) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Asif Qureshi

Thesis title : Defining vulnerability of catchments to environmental changes.

Research Interest :  Hydrologic modeling, climate change, Vulnerability-based framework development, Catchment classification.


Lokesh Kumar Akula

Ph.D - CE14RESCH01008 (2014 - Present) 

Faculty advisor : Dr. Debraj Bhattacharya

Thesis title : Treatment of Agro based Industrial wastewater by novel sequenced batch reactor.

Research Interest :  Biological water and wastewater treatment, Electro-chemical treatment of water and wastewater treatment.
Poduri Sri Lalitha Sarada

Ph.D - CE14RESCH11002 ( 2014 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. KBVN Phanindra

Thesis Title : Charecterizing and modelling ground water flow process in fractured granitic aquifers - Sythetic and laboratory studies

Research Interests : Groundwater modelling, water resources management, parameter estimation and uncertainity analysis
Anita Nag

Ph.D - CE14RESCH01005 ( 2014 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Basudev Biswal

Thesis Title : Flow duration curve prediction for ungauged catchemnts considering dynamic storage discharge relationship and basin physical properties

Research Interests : Ungauged basin prediction, Hydrologic modeling, remote sensing GIS applications in Hydrology
Srinivasa Rao Peddinti

Ph.D - CE14RESCH01007 (2014 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr.KBVN Phanindra 

Thesis title : Modeling soil-water-disease interactions of Citrus crops using time-lapse ERT and Eddy Covariance techniques

Research Interests : Hydro-geophysical studies applied to rhizosphere, Soil-water-plant-disease interactions, 
Micrometeorological studies using remote sensing   

CE14RESCH01007 [at]
Amarnath C R

Ph.D - CE15RESCH01003 ( 2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Shashidhar

Thesis Title : Assessment of Hydroecological system under climate change scenarios in godavari basin 

Research Interests : Climate change, River ecosystem, Hydrological modeling  

CE15RESCH01003 [at]
D Koteswara Rao

Ph.D - CE15RESCH01004 ( 2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Riddhi Singh

Thesis Title : Water footprint assessment of urban Agglomiration in developing economy

Research Interests : Water footprint assessment, Remote sensing & GIS application in water resources, Flood routing, Crop water allocation and optimazation, Hydrologic modeling,
Lakshmi E

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11013 ( 2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Riddhi Singh

Thesis Title : Developing a water management modelling framework for Hyderabad

Research Interests : Hydro-economic model, Multi-objective optimization, Application of remote sensing and GIS in water resources
Chanapathi Tirupathi

Ph.D - CE16RESCH01002 (2016 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr Shashidhar

Thesis Title :  Impact of climate change and sustainability of the Krishna river basin

Research Interests : Climate change studies, Remote sensing and GIS applications in water resources, Sustainability assessment, and Fuzzy logic applications.
Shweta Kumari

Ph.D - CE16RESCH11009 (2016 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr K.B.V.N. Phanindra

Thesis Title :  Characterising water use efficiency at leaf, ecosystem, and regional scales in managed, heterogeneous croplands of semi-arid tropics.

Research Interests : Flux footprint modeling, Uncertainity analysis, Micrometerolicalstudies using RS and GIS, Hydrologic modelling.
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-12 at 22.42.58
V. Vimal Chandra Sharma

Ph.D - CE16RESCH01005 (2016 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr Satish Kumar Regonda

Thesis Title : A real time Flood forecasting framework for Godavari river basin, India.

Research Interests : GIS & Remote Sensing applications in WRM, Satellite and Radar rainfall estimation & rainfall forecast, Prediction in Un-gauged basin (PUB), 1D & 2D Flood modeling, Forecast and risk assessment, Database preparation for Indian river basins.


Raghuram A S S

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11002 (2015 - )

Faculty advisor Dr. B. Munwar Basha

Thesis Title : Stability Analysis of Unsaturated and Rainfall Induced Soil Slopes - A Reliability Based Approach

Research Interests: Unsaturated Soils, Slope Stability, Reliability Analysis, Rainfall Triggered Slope Failures.

CE15RESCH11002 [at]


Sasanka Mouli S

Ph.D - CE11P1006 (2011 - )

Faculty advisor Dr. B.Umashankar

Thesis Title : Analysis of back-to-back MSE walls

Research Interests : Geomechanics, Reinforced Soil Structures.


Peddinti R Tulasi Pranav

Ph.D - CE14RESCH11005 (2014 - )

Faculty advisorDr. S. Sireesh & Dr. B. Munwar Basha

Thesis Title : Sustainable flexible pavement designs using reliability based methods

Research Interests : Pavement geotechnics, Reinforced soil structures, Sustainable solutions for infrastructure development.


KVNS Raviteja

Ph.D - CE14RESCH01003 (2014 - )

Faculty advisorDr. B. Munwar Basha

Thesis Title : Reliability based design optimization of MSW landfills

Research Interests : Geomechanics, MSW landfills, Geoenvironmental Engineering, Slope Stability, Numerical modelling.


Maheshbabu Jallu

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11014 (2015 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Prof. Sireesh Saride

Thesis Title : Development of Fly ash stabilized Recycled Base Material (FRB) for Sustainable Design of Pavements

Research Interests : Pavement geotechnics, sustainable solutions for infrastructure development.


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B Ramu

Ph.D - CE17RESCH11002 (2017 - )

Faculty advisorDr. Sireesh Saride

Thesis Title : 

Research Interests :


Ramesh Gangisetti

Ph.D - CE17RESCH11017 (2017 - )

Faculty advisorDr. Sireesh Saride

Thesis Title : 

Research Interests : Offshore pile foundations, Soil dynamics


G. Narendra Goud

Ph.D  - CE13P1002 (2013 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr.B.Umashankar

Thesis title : Study of geogrid reinforced flexible pavements

Research Interests : Flexible pavement reinforcement, flexible pavement design, flexible pavement recycling, subgrade stabilisation.

CE13P1002 [at]
Vinay Kumar V

Ph.D - CE13P1003 (2013 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Sireesh Saride

Thesis title : Reflective Cracking in pavements

CE13P1003 [at]
K P Bhargav Kumar 

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11003 (2015- )

Faculty advisor :Dr.B.Umashankar 

Thesis Title : Axial and Transverse pullout studies on reinforcement embedded in different fill materials

Research Interests : Ground improvement techniques, Waste materials management, soil reinforcement

CE15RESCH11003 [at]


Roji Mol J

Ph.D - CE17RESCH11001 (2017 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr. B Umashankar

Thesis title : Numerical Modeling of geogrid reinforced Flexible pavements

Research Interests : Site characterization, Ground improvement, Pavement Geotechnics

CE17RESCH11001 [at]


Sivaganesh Selvaraj

Ph.D - CE13P1009 (2013 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr.Mahendrakumar Madhavan

Thesis title : Behaviour and design of sheathed cold-formed steel stud panels under flexure

Research Interests : Cold-formed Steel, Steel Structures, Thin Wall Structures, Hybrid Retrofitting Techniques, use of Carbon Fiber reinforced polymers for strengthening, destructive testing, numerical analysis, and development of design manual


S.Sivaganesh Photo
Vijayakumar Natesan

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11011 (2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr.Mahendrakumar Madhavan

CE15RESCH11011 [at]
Senthilkumar Govindan

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11010 (2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr.Mahendrakumar Madhavan

Thesis Title  : Cold formed steel deck sheet with hot rolled steel plate built up composite slab

Research Interests : Composite structures, Steel structures

CE15RESCH11010 [at]
Jaya Prakash Vemuri

Ph.D - CE13P1006 (2013- )

Faculty advisor : Prof.KVL Subramaniam

Thesis title : Fragility of Precast Structural Systems

CE13P1006 [at]
K Chiranjeevi Reddy

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11007 (2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Prof K V L Subramaniam

Thesis title : Development and evaluation of slag and slag/flyash blended binder for structural applications.

Research Interests : Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Fracture behaviour of Concrete, Fibre reinforced Concrete.

CE15RESCH11007 [at]
Gali Sahith

Ph.D - CE13P1005 (2013 - )

Faculty advisor : Prof.KVL Subramaniam

Thesis title: Influence of fibers on shear behavior of Reinforced Concrete

Research Intersts : Behavior of fibre reinforced concrete,behavior of concrete and masonry structures,structural strengthening and FRP based repair of concrete structures

CE13P1005 [at]
Mohammad Abdur Rasheed

Ph.D - CE13M15P100001 (2015 - 2018)

Faculty advisor : Dr. S. Suriya Prakash

Thesis title : Mechanical properties of foam concrete and its application to masonry structures

Research Interests : High Performance concrete, Reinforced cement concrete, Masonry structures, NDT and SHM using AE technique, Sustainable infrastructure.

CE13M15P100001 [at]
K. Surya Shekar Reddy

Ph.D - CE17RESCH11010 (2017 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr. Amirtham Rajagopal

Thesis title : Damage modeling using Phase field method

Research Interests :Finite Element Method, Impact Mechanics
Mehar Babu Ravula

Ph.D - CE11P1004 (2011 - )

Faculty advisor : Prof. K V L Subramaniam

Thesis title : Failure Investigation of Masonry with soft bricks

Research Interests : Masonry failure mechanics and behaviour, Experimental techniques, Seismic evaluation of RC structures, Finite Element Methods.
Chellapandian M

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11005 (2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr.S.Suriya Prakash

Thesis title : Development of Axial - Flexure Interaction diagram for Hybrid FRP Strengthened RC Columns

Research Interests :Strengthening of RC and PSC Members, Rapid Repair Stratergies for Severely Damaged RC Members, FRP as internal Reinforcement
K.S.K.Karthik Reddy

Ph.D - CE17RESCH01003 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Surendra Nadh Somala

Thesis title : Modelling of Vehicle bridge interaction.

Research Interests :Reinforced concrete structures,Steel structures,Earthquake engineering.
Raghucharan M C

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11009 (2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Surendra Nadh Somala

Thesis title : Seismic Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk assessment in Indo-Gangetic Plains, India.

Research Interests : Seismology; Earthquake Engineering; Seismic Resilience; Disaster Mitigation
Siva Sai Teja Alampalle

Ph.D - CE17RESCH01002 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr.Mahendra Kumar Madhavan

Thesis title : 

Research Interests :
Karthik S

Ph.D - CE17RESCH01005 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Amirtham Rajagopal

Thesis title : Phase Field Method for Modelling Fracture

Research Interests :Finite Element Method
Hemanth Kumar Ch

Ph.D - CE15RESCH11006 (2015 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr.Anil Agarwal

Thesis title : Behaviour of RCC members under fire

Research Interests :Finite Element Method
Ganapati M patil

Ph.D - CE17RESCH11005 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. S. Suriya Prakash

Thesis title : 
Research Interests :FRP, dynamics
Anvit Gadkar

Ph.D - CE17RESCH11009 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : Prof. K V L Subramaniam

Thesis title : 

Research Interests :High Performance concrete
Sai Kala Kondepudi 

Ph.D - CE17RESCH01006 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : Prof. K V L Subramaniam

Thesis title : 

Research Interests :
Preethi Kasirajan

Ph.D - CE13P1008 (2013 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Amirtham Rajagopal

CE13P1008 [at]
G.V.P.Bhagath Singh

Ph.D - ce13p1004 (2013 - )

Faculty advisor : Prof.K.V.L.Subramaniam

Thesis title : User friendly Geopolymers for structural applications

ce13p1004 [at]
Vasudeo Chaudhari

Ph.D - ce17resch11016 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. Surendra Nadh Somala

Thesis title : 

Research Interests : Siesmic analysis of underground structures

ce17resch11016 [at]
Sumit Sahoo

Ph.D - ce17resch11008 (2017 - )

Faculty advisor : Dr. S Suriya Prakash

Thesis title : 

Research Interests : Hollow core slab, earthquake resistant structures, fracture mechanics

ce17resch11008 [at]
Piska Raghu

Ph.D - ce16resch01003 (2016 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr A. Rajagopal

Thesis title : Nonlocal nonlinear approaches for modelling damage in structures.


Smita Singh

Ph.D - ce17resch11007 (2017 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr Anil Agarwal

Research Interests : Composite srtucture, Finite element method, Fire engineering, Earthquake engineering


P.V.S.K. Kumar

Ph.D - ce17resch11006 (2017 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr Amritham Rajagopal

Thesis title : Nonlocal approach for Modelling Damage in Quasi Brittle materials.

Research Interests : Plasticity theories, Finite element method, Phase field method, continuum mechanics.

ce17resch11006 [at]
P.V. S. K. Kumar


Mude Hanuman Naik

Ph.D - ce15m17p000001 (2017 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Prof. K V L Subramaniam

Thesis title : 

Research Interests : 

ce17resch11016 [at]
Nikesh Thammishetty

Ph.D - ce16resch11005 (2016 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr. S Suriya Prakash

Thesis title :  Analytical studies on behaviour of reinforced concrete members under combined shear and flexural loadings

Research Interests : Finite element analysis, Behavior of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Members, Mechanics of fiber reinforced concretes, Usage of innovative ductile FRP systems for the strengthening of RC, PSC members

ce16resch11005 [at]
Prashant V P

Ph.D - ce17resch01007 (2017 - Present)

Faculty advisor : Dr Amritham Rajagopal

Thesis title :
Research Interests : Fatigue behaviour of RC structures, Concrete Micro-structure

ce17resch01007 [at]



Balla Taraka Malleswara Rao

Ph.D - ce18resch11004 (2018 - Present)

Faculty advisor : 

Thesis title :
Research Interests : Strengthening of RC and PSC structures using Composite material, Earthquake Resistant Design of structures, Structural assessment and Cathodic Protection of Bridges/Buildings

ce18resch11004 [at]