Transportation Engineering

Digvijay S. Pawar
(Assistant Professor)
RamyaSri Mullapudi
(Assistant Professor)
Dr. Suvin P. Venthuruthiyil 
(Assistant Professor)
Transportation Engineering group of IIT Hyderabad is currently focusing on
  • Driver and Pedestrian Behavioral Modeling
  • Human Factors
  • Intelligent Transportation System
  • Statistical Modelling and Classification Techniques
  • Traffic Operation and Simulation
  • Traffic Safety and Accident Analysis
  • Sustainable Pavement Materials
  • Analysis and Design of Pavements
  • Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Pavements
  • Pavement Management Systems (PMS)
Semester I   Semester II
Course code and Name Credit   Course code and Name Credit
CE 6710  Traffic Engineering and ITS 3   CE 6730             Urban Transportation Systems Planning 3
CE 6720  Advanced Pavement Materials 3   CE 6740             Analysis and Design of Pavements 3
CE6711  Traffic Studio Lab 3   CE6721             Pavement Materials & Evaluation Lab 3
Elective I 3   Elective II         2
LA5180    English Communication 1   Elective III          1
      CE XXXX            Industrial Seminar 1
Total credits 13   Total credits 13
Semester III   Semester IV
CE 6015 Master’s Thesis 12   CE 6025 Master’s Thesis 12



Electives Credit   Electives Credit
CE6750 Traffic Management and Design 3   CEXXXX  Railway Geotechnics 3
CE6130 Finite Element Analysis 3   CE6610  Remote Sensing & GIS Applications to Civil Engineering 3
CE5130  Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainability 2   CE6340  Ground Modification Techniques 3
LA5030  Basic Econometrics and Forecasting 3   MA6040  Fuzzy Logic Connectives: Theory And Applications 3
CE6111  Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering 1   CEXXXX  Mathematical Methods in Civil Engineering 3
CC5150  Cutting Carbon from Transportation 2   CE6501  Applied computational Laboratory 2
EE5817  Random Variables 3   EE6327  Statistical Learning Theory 3
EE5040  Game Theory for startups 1   EE5600  Introduction to AI and ML 1
EE5327  Optimization 1