Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering is offering All Course M.Tech, 2 year M.Tech, 3 year M.Tech and Phd program. The 2 year  M.Tech program started from 2010 and the 3 year M.Tech program started from 2013.

B Umashankar
Sireesh Saride
People_Faculty_Munwar Basha1
B. Munwar Basha
Shwetabh Yadav
(Assistant Professor)
Roshan Khan
(Assistant Professor)
Geotechnical Engineering group of IIT Hyderabad is currently focusing on
  • Geosynthetic reinforced structures
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Risk and Reliability in Geotechnical Engineering
  • Mechanics of large strain deformation
  • Pavement Geotechniques
  • Railway Geotechnics
  • Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
  • Soil-Structure Interation

Semester I
S.No Course number and title Credits
1.       CE 6310: Advanced Soil Mechanics 3
2.       CE 6330: Soil Dynamics 3
3.       Elective I 3
4.       Elective II 2
5.       CE 6011: Computer methods in Civil Engineering 2
Total Credits 14
Semester II
S.No Course number and title Credits
1.       CE 6300: Advanced Foundation Engineering 3
2.       Elective III 3
3.       Elective IV 3
4.       Elective V (Dept./Free) 2
Total Credits 11
Semester III
S.No Course number and title Credits
1.       CE 6015: Master’s Thesis 13
Total Credits 13
Semester IV
S.No Course number and title Credits
1.       CE 6025: Master’s Thesis 12
Total Credits 12

TOTAL Credits 50


List of Elective Courses

CE 6323 Experimental Soil Mechanics 3
CE 6352 Design of Earth Structures  3
CE 6370 Soil-Structure Interaction 3
CE 6392 Designing with Geosynthetics 3
CE 6410 In-situ Testing 3
CE 6340 Ground Modification Techniques 3
CE 6360 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 3
CE 6390 Pavement Geotechnics 3
CE 6130 Finite Element Analysis 3
ME 5010 Mathematical Methods for Engineers 3
CH 5050 Computational Methods for Engineers 3
CE 6002 Design Studio 2
CE 5390 Geothermics 2


  1. 1 lecture or tutorial contact hour is worth one credit and 3 lab contact hours are worth two credits.
  2. The curriculum requires minimum 54 credits
  3. The minimum credit requirement is assigned as follows: theory and design (25 credits); laboratory (4 credits); and thesis/research (25 credits).






President of IGS: MR. Vamsi Navya Krishna                                                                                                                 Vice President of IGS: MR. Shahrukh Khan Patan


Faculty Mentors

Prof. Sireesh Saride, Professor and Dean, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Hyderabad 
Dr. Umashankar B., Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Hyderabad   
Dr. Munwar Basha B., Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Hyderabad

Office Bearers (2019 – 2020)

President Mr.  Mypati Vamsi Navya Krishna
Vice President MR. Shahrukh Khan Patan
Secretary Ms. Roji Mol

Events Organized/ Volunteered

Name of the presenter/programme Title of presentation or symposium Date Venue
GeoPractices 2019 (volunteered) Workshop on GeoPractices 2019 23/11/2019 JNTUH
Mr. K P Bhargav Kumar Interface properties of geogrids embedded in non-conventional fill materials. 14/11/2019 IITH
Dr. Boogireddy Chandra Rapid Assessment of compressibility Behavior of clayey soil from Experimental and FE simulations. 14/11/2019 IITH
Dr. Sasanka Mouli S VNR Vignana Jyothi, Hyderabad Analysis of Back-to-Back MSE walls 23/04/2019 IITH
GeoApps 2019 (volunteered) Symposium on GeoApps 2019 30/03/2019 IITH
Prof. Chandrasekharam Emeritus Professor IIT Bombay Enhanced geothermal systems: Power of granites – India 14/11/2018 IITH
GeoPractices 2018 (volunteered) Symposium on GeoPractices 2018 29/09/2018 JNTUH
Prof. Anand Puppala University of Texas at Arlington, USA Geotechnical Challenges of Transportation Infrastructure: Problematic Soils, and Visualization Studies 27/07/2018 IITH
Prof. Vikas Thakur, Norwegian University of Science and Tech. Rainfall-induced landslide: Norwegian perspectives 11/07/2018 IITH
Mr. Narendra Goud G Assistant Professor MVSR Engg. College Flexible pavement recycling – Indian case studies 28/06/2018 IITH
GeoApps 2018 (volunteered) GeoApps 2018 – Research scholar’s symposium 24/03/2018 JNTUH
Prof. Krishna R Reddy University of Illinois Chicago Waste Management and Landfill Engineering 05/03/2018 IITH
Mr. Sasanka Mouli S Research scholar, IITH Numerical analysis of back to back MSE walls 22/02/2018 IITH
Dr. Vinay Kumar V Assistant Professor BMS college, Bengaluru Evaluation of interface shear properties of asphalt layers reinforced with geosynthetic interlayers 29/01/2018 IITH
Prof. M. R. Madhav Visiting Professor IIT Hyderabad. Creating wealth for the nation – Role of Geotechnical Engineering 14/11/2017 IITH
GeoPractices 2017 (volunteered) Symposium on GeoPractices 2018 14/10/2017 JNTUH