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K.B.V.N. Phanindra
(Associate Professor)
Satish Kumar Regonda
(Associate Professor)
Seetha N
(Assistant Professor)
 Sk Zeeshan Ali
(Assistant Professor)
Maheswaran Rathinasamy
(Assistant Professor)
Shruti Upadhyaya
(Assistant Professor)
Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering group of IIT Hyderabad is currently focusing on
  • Groundwater Flow and transport modeling
  • Hydrogeology
  • Remote sensing and GIS applications to Water Resources Engineering
  • Surface water-groundwater interactions

     MTech (current)
 Name  Roll Number  Year of admission  Research topic  Supervisor  Email
 JYOLSNA P J  CE18MTECH11003  2018    K B V N PHANINDRA  ce18mtech11003@iith.ac.in
THASLEEMA K CE18MTECH11005 2018   SEETHA N ce18mtech11005
ABDUL SYED MATEEN CE18ACMTECH11004 2018   SATISH REGONDA ce18acmtech11004@iith.ac.in
CHINTALA SYAM CE19MTECH11022 2019   K B V N PHANINDRA ce19mtech11022@iith.ac.in
J JAYARAJ CE19MTECH11021 2019   SEETHA N ce19mtech11022@iith.ac.in


PhD (current)
 Name  Roll Number  Year of admission  Research topic  Supervisor  Email
ANITA NAG CE14RESCH01005 2014   BASUDEV BISWAL ce14resch01005@iith.ac.in
PODURI SRI LALITHA SARADA CE14RESCH11002 2014   K B V N PHANINDRA ce14resch11002@iith.ac.in
D KOTESWARA RAO CE15RESCH01004 2015   SATISH REGONDA ce15resch01004@iith.ac.in
LAKSMI E CE15RESCH11013 2015   RIDDHI SINGH ce15resch11013@iith.ac.in
VIMAL CHANDRA SHARMA CE16RESCH01005 2016   SATISH REGONDA ce16resch01005@iith.ac.in
SHWETA KUMARI CE16RESCH11009 2016   K B V N PHANINDRA ce16resch11009@iith.ac.in
MOHAMMED AZARUDDIN CE17RESCH11014 2017   SATISH REGONDA ce17resch11014@iith.ac.in
SAI RAMA KRISHNA CE17RESCH11015 2017   SEETHA N  ce17resch11015@iith.ac.in
SAI SRINIVAS CE19RESCH11004 2019   K B V N PHANINDRA ce19resch11004@iith.ac.in
P PADMINI  CE19RESCH11009 2019   SATISH REGONDA ce19resch11009@iith.ac.in
SOURABH KAKANI CE19RESCH11011 2019   SEETHA N  ce19resch11011@iith.ac.in
SURYA KIRAN CE19RESCH11010 2019   SATISH REGONDA ce19resch11010@iith.ac.in
DUVVURI SRAVANI CE19RESCH11006 2019   K B V N PHANINDRA ce19resch11006@iith.ac.in

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Automatic weather station-1    
Automatic weather station-2    
Automatic weather station-3    
Flux Tower-1    
Flux Tower-2    
Flux Tower-3