Seminar Series


89 13th Feb 2020 Room No.A 119 12.00 pm Dr. Shivam Tripathi Evapotranspiration Partitioning using Stable Isotopes of Water
88  6th Jan 2020  Room No. C-306 11.00 am Dr. Vamsi Krishna Sridharan Random walk models for water resources and ecological management in rivers and estuaries: insights into physical and biological processes
87 17th Dec 2019 Room No. A-117 12.00 pm Dr. Sarit Kumar Das  Simulation of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height, Interaction with Land-surface and its Spatio-temporal Trends under Changing Climate
86 14th Nov 2019 Room No.C 207 2.30 pm  Dr. Boogireddy Chandra  Rapid Assessment of compressibility Behavior of clayey soil from Experimental and FE simulations
85 8th Nov 2019 Room No.A LH-2 12.0 pm Prof. Pranab Mohopatra Dam Breach Flow
84 29th Oct 2019 Room No.B 115 2.00 pm Prof. Hiroshi Yajima How can we secure good water in a dam reservoir by a management adapted for climate change
83 23rd Sep 2019 Room No.C 206 2.30 pm Prof. HiengHo Lau Recent Developments in Cold-formed Steel Structure Research
82 17th Aug 2019 Room No.A 414 10.30 am Prof Tarun Kant Finite Element Method- A Historical perspective and Introduction to Finite Element Formulations
81 16th Aug 2019 Room No.A 220 10.00 am Dr. Akanshu Sharma Strengthening of civil infrastructure using advanced technologies: Challenges and opportunities
80 13th Aug 2019 Room No.A 220 2.30 pm Prof Tarun Kant Composite  Mechanics in Last six Decades.
79 29th May 2019 Room No.A 111 12.00 pm Dr. Graeme Smart River and coastal changes due to Earthquakes: examples from the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes
78 29th May 2019 Room No.A 111 11.00 am Dr. Graeme Smart Improving Flood Hazard Prediction Models
77 17th May 2019 Room No.A 620 11.00 am Prof. Venkatesh Kodur Strategies for Enhancing Fire Resistance and Resiliency of Modern Concrete Structures
76 29th April 2019 Room No.A 620 5.00 pm Prof. Subashisa Dutta Macro-turbulences, Energy expenditure and sediment Transport in The Sand bed Braided Brahmaputra River
75 26th April 2019 Room No.A-118 2.30 pm  Dr. Mahendra Kumar PAL E-Simulator: A high-performance simulation tool for seismic analysis and resilience assessment
74 10th April 2019 Room No.A – 118 11.00 am Dr. Gourab Saha Fatigue cracking evaluation of asphalt mixtures
73 28th March 2019 Room No. CLH9 2.30 pm Mr. B.G.K. Murthy Structures and Foundations: An Engineer’s Six Decade Journey
72 12th March 2019 Room No. CLH10 4.00 pm Prof. S. Majid Hassanizadeh Colloid transport in porous media under partially saturated conditions
71 8th February 2019  Room No. CLH6  12.00 pm Madukhar Karnati  Civil engineering in the U.S. – a perspective from a practicing Civil Engineer
70 8th February 2019 Room No. CLH10 11.00 am Prof. Rao Y. Surampalli Sustainable Infrastructure Management: Resource Recovery and Reuse in Landfills
69 8th February 2019 Room No. CLH10 10.00 am Prof. Rao Y. Surampalli Emerging Contaminants in the Environment
68 29th January 2019 Room No. C LH4 10.00 am Prof. Ranjith Pathegama  Enhanced Geothermal Energy prospects in Australia: Field and laboratory observations
67 29th January 2019 Room No. CLH7 12.00 pm Dr. Marisamynathan S Modeling Pedestrian Crossing Behavior and Perceptions Based Safety Level at Signalized Intersections
66  28th January 2019 Room No. A620 10.00 am  Dr. Souvik Chakraborty Topology Optimization under Uncertainty
65 28th January 2019 Room No. A620 2.30 pm Dr. Shiju Josesh Hydration and microstructural development of cementitious materials
64 28th January 2019 Room No. A112 2.30 pm Dr. Aniket Kataware Investigation on Effectiveness of Warm Mix Asphalt Additives for Modified and Unmodified Asphalt Binders.
63  28th January 2019 Room No. A112 3.30 pm Dr. Surender Singh Can Flexible Pavements be converted to Rigid Pavements?
62 28th January 2019 Room No. A620 11.30 am Dr. Hridya Lal Reduced Order Modelling of Stochastically Parametered Vibrating Fluid–Structure Interaction Systems
61 26th September 2018 Room No. CLH10 2.30 pm Prof. Kirti Sahu Different dynamics of micron to cm sized bubbles and droplets
60 27th July 2018 Room No. CLH2 4.30 pm Prof. J.R. Kayal Recent Large and Great Earthquakes in the Himalayas: A Review of the Tectonic Model
59 11th July 2018 Room No. A112 11.30 am Professor Vikas Thakur Rainfall induced landslide: Norwegian perspectives
58 10th April 2018 Room No. A520 12.00 pm Dr. Janaki Ramaiah Static and Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste for Stability Analysis of Open Dumps
57 10th April 2018 Room No. A520 11.00 am  Somenath Mondal Investigations on Heat Migration in Soil Mass
56 9th April 2018 Room No. A520 12.00 pm Dr. Manabendra Saharia Characterization and Forecasting of Floods
55 9th April 2018 Room No. A520 11.00 am Dr. Deendayal Rathod Analysis of laterally loaded piles in clayey soils with sloping ground
54 7th April 2018 Room No. 520 11.00 pm Dr. Subhamoy Sen Bayesian filtering based health monitoring techniques and input force reconstruction
53 6th April 2018 Room No. 520 12.00 pm Dr.Mitesh Surana Seismic Fragility Analysis of Hill-Side Buildings
52 9th March 2018 Room No. 520 12:00 pm Akshay Gundla A Chemo-Mechanical Relationship for Asphalt Binders in Linear Viscoelastic and Non-Linear Viscoelastic Domain
51 6th March 2018 Room No. 521 11:00 am Dr Phanisri Pradeep Pratapa Lattice based Materials and Structures: Modeling, Simulation and Design
50 5th March 2018 Room No. 112 12:15 pm Prof. Krishna Reddy (University of Illinois, Chicago) Waste management and landfill engineering
49 5th March 2018 Room No. 112 11:00 am Prof. Mohsen Issa (University of Illinois, Chicago) Optimum bridge deck system for rehabilitation and new bridges
48 12th February 2018 Room No. 111 12:00 pm Dr. B. K. Rastogi (Retired Director General of ISR) Geological, Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigations for Earthquake Hazard Estimation
47 30th January 2018 Room No. 317 12:00 pm Dr. Pritha Chatterjee Decentralized wastewater treatment plants as a sustainable impact mitigation unit
46 23rd January 2018 Room No. 416 12:00 pm Dr. Sat Kumar (Technical director, Aapah Innovation Ltd) Remote sensing applications in the Water Resources engineering
45 21st December 2017 Room No. 520 12:15 pm Dr. Rahul T.M Acceptable trip distances and built environment management as sustainability tools in transportation planning
44 21st December 2017 Room No. 520 11:00 am Dr. Deepak G.B Influence of chemo-mechanical factors on engineering behaviour of soft clays
43 20th December 2017 Room No. 520 12:00 pm Dr. Reepal Shah Drought Monitoring and Prediction in India
42 12th December 2017 Room No. 414 12:15 pm Dr. Samim Mustafa An analytical framework for vibration-based structural health monitoring (SHM) of steel truss bridges using an energy based damping evaluation (EBDE) and Bayesian model updating
41 12th December 2017 Room No. 414 11:00 am Dr. Lok Priya Srivastava Shear Strength Behaviour of Blocky Rock Mass Reinforced with Passive Bolts
40 11th December 2017 Room No. 317  12:00 pm Dr. Anindya Pain Modified pseudo-dynamic method for seismic design of geotechnical structure
39 7th December 2017 Room No. 414 12:00 pm Dr. Harinarayan Tiwari Hydraulic and Turbulence Characteristics near Piano Key Weir
38 31st October 2017 Room No. 112 10:30 am Prof. Satoh (Univ. of Tokyo) Sewage System: Science, Engineering and Challenge
37 24th August 2017 Room No. 101 12:00 pm Dr. Pradeep Mandapak (Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management, NTU Singapore) Flood risk assessment under intensifying rainfall extremes and rapid urbanization: Southeast Asia experience and challenges
36 23rd December 2016 Room No. 119 11:00 am Prof. Rao S. Govindaraju Good Paper Writing – Getting it Down to a Science
35 2nd December 2016 Room No. 519 12:00 pm Dr Saikat Sarkar (Post doctoral research associate at Texas A &M) A Discrete Macroscopic Formulation and tackling associated phenomenology via statistical means
34 17th August 2016 Room No. 519 10:30 am Dr. Akanshu Sharma, (Senior Research Engineer, University of Stuttgart, Germany) Seismic assessment and strengthening of RC frame structures with emphasis on beam-column joints
33 13th July 2016 Room No. LH2 9:30 am  Prof. Venkatesh Kodur (Michigan State University)  World Trade Center Disaster: Role of fire issues in the collapse
32 1st April 2016 Room No.112 2:00 pm  Dr. Harsha Bhat (PhD’ 07 Harvard)
Reproducing earthquakes in a lab : A case study of the 2002 Denali, Alaska Earthquake
31 8th January 2016 Room No.112 12:00 pm  Prof. SR Gandhi (IIT Madras)
Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis and its Applications
30 12th August 2015 Room No. LH1 2:30 pm Prof. Pradipta Banerji (Director IIT Roorkee)
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Health Monitoring
29 25th June 2015 Room No.133 10:00 am Prof. Marilyn O’Hara Ruiz (Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Mosquitoes, weather and landscapes:  modeling the risk of vector-borne diseases
28 21st January 2015 Room No.133 2:00 pm Prof. Rao Surampalli (CEO of Global Institute for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability)
Sustainable development and management of brownfields
27 4th December 2014 Room No. LH1 3:00 pm Prof. Mahen Mahendran(Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)
Wind-Resistant Design of Light Gauge Steel and Roof Cladding Systems
26 28th August 2014 Room No.133 2:30 pm Prof. Satyanarayana Narra(University of Applied Sciences Luebeck, Germany)
 Processing of raw, residue and waste materials.
 25 8th August 2014 Room No.133  11:00 am Professor T.G. Sitharam Future of Engineering Education: Focus on Research to Practical Applications and Innovations
24 26th December 2013
Room No.133 11:30 am
Dr. Bellie Sivakumar Water Resources Planning and Management in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities

 24th December 2013

Room No.133 2:30 pm
 Prof. Raghavan Srinivasan (Professor, Texas A&M University, USA)  Global SWAT Applications in Water Resource Management
 22  19thDecember 2013 Room No.133 11:30 am  Professor and Chair, University of Ottawa, Canada.  Unsaturated soil mechanics in geotechnical engineering practice
 21  12thDecember 2013  Room No.133 2:30 pm  Prof. Mrinal Sen, Director of National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI)  Crtitical aspects of seismic wave propagation simulation
20 20th November 2013  Room No.133 11:00 am   Mr. Takihasha, UoT, Japan  Research on Hyderabad water supply system
21st  August 2013
Room No.133 2:30 pm
Prof. M. Madhav  Joy of Civil Engineering
18 16th April, 2013 Room No. 133 11:30 am S.Rehana,IISc Banglore Hydrological impacts of climate change
17   10th April, 2013 Room No. 133 2:00 pm Mr.Varanasi.S.H.RamaRao L&T Ramboll Scope of civil and Structural Engineering in Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
16  13th September, 2012 Room No. 133 3:30 pm Dr.Bhaskaran Scientist ,Met Office , Chandlery enter , Exeter , United Kingdom Regional climate model applications on sub-regional scales over the Indian monsoon  region
15 7th September, 2012 Room No. 133 11:30 am Mr. Somayya, Manager for R&D,

Sales And Services

Servo controlled technology for shake tables from BISS
14  4th September, 2012 Room No. 133 10:00 am Prof. Hemanth Hazarika,

Dept. of Civil Engineering,

Kyushu University, Japan

The land of earth quake and her battle

with ground liquefaction

13  30th August, 2012 Room No. 133 3:30 pm Dr. Sriram Narasimhan

University of Waterloo

Overview of identification and control

research in structural engineering

12  27th February, 2012 Room No. 133 11:30 am Dr. S.Nagesh Lyer, Director

Structural Engineering Research Center (SERC), Chennai

Recent advances in computational structural mechanics
11  17th February, 2012 Room No. 133 10:30 am Mr. Avinash,

Technical Officer from ANSYS CIVIL-FEm

10  16th February, 2012 Room No. 133 2:00 pm Mr. Anuj Maheshwari,

Technical Head Ultra Tech Cement

Pumping of Concrete admixtures in concrete

self compacting concrete hot weather concreting

9  9th February, 2012  Room No. 133 3:30 pm Dr. Anil K. Kar

President, ASCE India Section

Durability of Concrete Structures through surface protection by water proofing
8 25th January, 2012 Room No. 133 3:00 pm Dr. Pradeep V Mandapaka,

Post Doctral Scientist, Metro Swiss,


Towards Scaling Based Framework for FloodForecasting Role of Rainfall Variability
7  20th January, 2012 Room No. 133 9:00 am Dr. S.Raviraj

Prof. of Civil Engineering, SJCE Mysore

Fracture Mechanics of Concrete

An Overview

6  19th January, 2012 Room No. 133 3:30 pm Dr. Kirti Srivatsava, Senior Principal Scientist,

NGRI,, Hyderabad

Tsunami Hazards along east and

west coast of India

5 19th January, 2012 Room No. 133 2:00 pm Dr. D.Srinagesh,

Chief Scientist, NGRI Hyderabad

Earth Quake Hazards
4  9th January, 2012 Room No. 133 11:30 am Prof. T Kundu

University of Arizona, Tucson, USA

Ultrasonic Waves for NDE and SHM

Experimental and Modelling

3 19th October, 2011 Room No. 133 11:30 am Dr. Rahima Shabeen,

Asst Prof., Anna University

Strength of Stiffened Composite Plates Under

Axial and Out-of-Plane Loading

2  6th October, 2011 Room No. 133 10:30 am Prof. S R Gandhi,

Head Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras

Case Studies on Geotechnical Failures
1  4th October, 2011 Room No. 133 11:30 am Dr. S.Raju, Scientist,

National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore

Smart Material and Structures

Aerospace applications









































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