Sponsored Projects

[1] ‘Lake dynamics and their interaction with the aquifers in and around warangal city by using Isotopes’

Funding Agency: “SERC,DST, Ministry of Science & Technology “
Amount: 219.801lakhs
Duration: 2010 (3 Years)
Persons Involved: PI: Dr. Shashidhar
[2] ‘Permiable Biobarrier to contain Cr(VI) in contaminated aquifers (Accepted for funding)’

Funding Agency: “SERC, DST Fast Track”
Amount: 20.34 lakhs
Duration: 2011 (3 Years)
Persons Involved: PI: Dr. Shashidhar

[3] ‘Geo-spatial based groundwater quality and vulnerability modeling in a semi-arid region of Rajasthan, India’
Funding Agency: “Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India”
Amount: Rs.23,94,000
Duration: 2 Years
Persons Involved: PI: K.B.V.N.Phanindra; Co-PI: Raaj Ramsankaran (BITS-Pilani)
[4] ‘An investigation into the fate and transport of non-point source pollution in a semi-arid tropical region using a physical process model’
Funding Agency: “Ministry of Science and Technology (Fast Track Scheme), Government of India”
Amount: Rs. 22,51,200
Duration: 2.5 Years
Persons Involved: PI: K.B.V.N.Phanindra
[5] ”Dynamic Behavior of Geocell Reinforced Pavement Subbase and Subgrade Layers”
Funding Agency: “Department of Science and Technology (DST),Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists 2011-2012, Department of Science and Technology”
Amount: 27.6 lakhs
Duration: 2011-2012
Persons Involved: PI: Sireesh Saride
[6] ‘Geogrid Reinforced Granular Bases as Approach Slabs for Bridge Abutments
Funding Agency: “Ministry of Surface, Road Transport and Highways (MOSRTH)”
Amount: 45 lakhs
Duration: 2010-2012
Persons Involved: PI: Madhav Madhira, Co-PIs: Umashankar B, Sireesh S, Bongirwar
[7] ‘Isogeometric mesh free method for analysis of composite plates’#39
Funding Agency: “Aeronautical Research and Development Board (AR & DB)- DRDO “
Amount: 6.5 lakhs
Duration: 2011-2013
Persons Involved: PI: Dr. Amirtham Rajagopal
[8] ”Multiscale modeling of Damage in material”
Funding Agency:”Department of Science and Technology (DST), Fast Track Project
Amount: 17 lakhs
Duration: 2011-2014
Persons Involved:PI: Dr. Amirtham Rajagopal
[9] ”Computational modeling of Atherosclerotic plaque growth and rupture”
Funding Agency: “Department of Biotechnology (DBT) “
Amount: 45 lakhs
Persons Involved: Co-PI: Dr. Amirtham Rajagopal
Status:Under Progress
[10] “Mercury pollution in India: Regional and Global Implications”
Funding Agency: “Department of Science and Technology (DST) “
Amount: 35 lakhs
Duration:2013(5 years)
Persons Involved: PI: Dr. Asif Qureshi
Status:Under Progress